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Hagop Hagopian
Hagop babig (1).jpg

Hagop Hagopian works with a unique style that is often praised for its pursuit of perfection. It can be said that Hagopian has a linear approach to composition, often accented with serene and subdued colors. His works have a contemporary feel and they exude nostalgia and silence. In his landscapes one can witness Hagopian’s deep devotion to the Armenian countryside and this affection translates into careful brushstrokes and graceful treatment of each natural element. The emotional message is, as usual, toned down, and the paintings create a serene atmosphere, electrified from within. His poignant love for his country is clearly evident in his paintings and has an inexplicable power that accounts for the aesthetic properties of his work.

In his later periods, Hagopian encompassed animated mannequins and sculptures into his paintings to display human emotions. Being devoid of cultural and personal detail, the mannequins and tools offered the artist universality and paved a new course in understanding and displaying essential human experiences. Hagopian took the meaning of "Still Life"-"Nature Morte" (Still/Dead) to a different level. His still lifes are emotionally charged, depicting philosophical layers of human interaction, relationships, experiences and existence in our surroundings. Hagopian's still lifes are "moving" and moving with time. With his unique pictorial language and artistic personality Hagop Hagopian remains one of the most interesting and youngest artists of our times.

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