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Hagop Hagopian was born in Alexandria, Egypt on May 16, 1923 to an Armenian Family.

In 1934 after his father’s death Hagop is sent off to Cyprus, to the Melkonian boarding school where he instantly gains attention of his peers with his talent for drawing and most of all the attention of his painter teacher Arakel Patrick, a professional painter, his first art teacher in school who will later be replaced by Onnik Avetisian who was also an artist/sculptor.

Around the end of the second world war Hagop returns to Egypt and settles in Cairo. He works as a designer and attends open classes at Cairo Academy of Arts but doesn’t concentrate too much on painting or making a career out of painting.

After 1945 Hagopian starts gaining attention in cultural circles in Egypt after doing some commissioned work that turns out to be excellent and also participating in group exhibitions in Cairo, then at Bucharest International Festival where he wins prizes.

In 1952 Hagopian leaves for Paris to attend Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. He takes courses at  Andre L’Hote’s studio and also attends a studio where his teacher was Edouard George. Latter being very much impressed with Hagop’s work offers to organize an exhibition for him but Hagop declines.

In 1954 Hagop returns to his family in Egypt and continues working as a designer. He was slowly trying to find his inner sense as an artist and developing his own style and vision about his art. In his own encounter he finally feels he discovers himself sometime around 1957 that will be the turning point of his long and very interesting and productive artistic career.

Hagop Hagopian’s Egyptian period paintings were mostly people and still life. He never painted landscapes while in Egypt.

His last painting of the Egyptian period is “Man With Plant” that he started in Egypt and finished in Armenia.


1962 Hagop immigrates to Armenia with his wife and 2 children.

It is in Armenia that he starts painting landscapes offering an entirely different view of Armenian landscape, the landscape that truly exists and was never painted before…

Our dear friend with a rare talent has taught us a very useful lesson. Hagop sees the world in a very unique way. What he has brought with him to Armenia is not something borrowed from others, but his own and developing it with his startling wisdom, he remains himself. Hagopian’s painting is a unique phenomenon in our art. Minas Avedisian

Hagop Hagopian had a long and very productive artistic life creating interesting paintings period after period and surprising art lovers with his endless ideas year after year. At the age of 80 he started creating statues. He first started by reflecting back to early periods when he had done few statues in “Family” series, then the new creations/sculptures took surprising forms and became works of very interesting ideas and imagination of the artist. He later presented his statues in his paintings creating the last period of his paintings in the series of “Garden of Love”.